regent’s park | london

On Friday Davina and I met up with Christine, a fellow artist and new friend, so that we could adventure around the city and take photos. We went to Regent’s Park, which Davina and I had gone by previously but didn’t really go in to explore. It was so magical; filled with flower gardens, archways, people scattered everywhere picnicking, sunbathing, and enjoying one another’s company. We all had such a lovely day filled with instant bonding, laughter, delicious food, and discussing our love for offensive humour. It’s such an amazing feeling discovering fellow creatives that you just immediately share a connection with.

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in the navy | wardrobe wednesday

I just noticed that I posted this on a tuesday and I meant to post it on a wednesday.. I’m a bit off with my days ;).
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hello lovelies!
if you have ever seen my bedroom/closet then you might know that I have a slight obsession with clothes..  it’s a bit of a problem. however, this means that I will be bringing more fashion related posts to my blog!
now, I want to put a disclaimer out there and let you know that I am in no way claiming to be a fashion ~~guru~*~*, I just really want to share some fun outfits with you guys and potentially find people who are as obsessed with cute clothes as I am ;). now, on to the outfit!

- headband: vintage scarf from my grandmother
– top: thrifted
– skirt: forever 21
– shoes: forever 21

something simple and fun to celebrate the fact that spring is here!
which means getting to wear pants less often – yesssssssss (I personally kind of hate wearing pants).

what are your favorite pieces of clothing?

until next time <3.
- savannah