goodbye 2014, hello 2015

2015 is just a few short hours away as I write this, and despite feeling this way almost every year, I am always left feeling surprised at how fast time goes by. Now, I am an incredibly sentimental and sappy type of person, so the act of making lists, goals, resolutions, all of that jazz, makes me feel very excited and I am 100% on board the New Year’s Resolution train. However, I am not one to make unrealistic goals for myself that I know I won’t follow through with. Such as jogging every day.. I’m good on that I think. Despite my disdain for running, I would very much like to incorporate more physical activity in to my life in general. But I’m more interested in exercising when it’s actually fun for me, such as hiking, yoga, playing DDR.. y’know.

Most years I do make lists for myself with very specific goals such as “write one blog post per week” (failed on that one this year, sorry past-self), but this year I’ve decided to focus less on numbering the amount of “productive things” I do in 2015, and more on simply getting in touch with who I am and bettering myself as a whole. While that may sound terribly clichĂ©, I do genuinely mean it. Besides, I’m a pretty corny individual anyway ;).

This past year of life gave me many amazing experiences, as well as a lot of challenging ones. After unexpectedly breaking my leg pretty badly in late September, it caused me to really take a look at my life. Mostly because I was left with nothing else to do; I was immobile, unable to do much of anything. If given the option, I would certainly have chosen not to break my leg, but after some serious reflection over the past 3 months, I realized that it may have been just what I needed. I am a strong believer in “signs” from the universe, communicating with the universe, and paying attention to the little details in what life throws at you. And I believe that breaking my leg was the universe telling me that I needed to stop, slow down, reflect on myself, and what I really want from life. Sure, it may have been a coincidence, bad timing, poor choices.. But there were a lot of signs leading up to that day that I later realized I ignored, which caused me to walk in to the scenario where I got hurt. I won’t go into detail, but there was something trying to tell me not to go to the cemetery that day, but I ignored it. My “gut feelings” have never once been wrong. I’ve always been a very intuitive person, I often joke with people that I’m a bit psychic, but I mostly joke about it so they don’t think I’m crazy ;). Point being, breaking my leg forced me to stop (physically and mentally), review my life, and think about where I want to go next. And I have done a lot of that.
2015 is going to be a year for big changes, and adventures. This is something that I have felt building for a very long time now. And despite being absolutely terrified, I couldn’t be more excited.

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