our christmas tree

this christmas will be the first time since 2008 that david and I won’t be together for the holidays. he’s going to spend christmas with his family in new mexico, and I am going to be at home with my family. so we decided that while we were together in new mexico for the past two weeks, that we’d get our own baby tree. considering that christmas is easily my favorite time of year, I was more than okay with the idea of having two christmas trees this year. we went to a cute local christmas tree vendor and picked out a small tree. there wasn’t much of a selection as far as little trees went, so we went with one that was a bit gimpy, but I think it’s perfect.

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frosty mornings

since david and I returned from bali, we’ve been spending our days in the beautiful state of new mexico. going from 90º F (32º C) every day to 20º F (-6º C) in the span of a couple of days has been pretty shocking. I adore winter, but my body was definitely used to the hot and sweaty temperatures of bali. however, I am especially excited that we got to come home to some snow. it hasn’t been snowing too much yet, but this morning I looked out the window to find the trees covered with a fresh blanket, so I couldn’t just stay inside.

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