bali adventures | part II

Whenever I travel to a new location it never really hits me that I am in an entirely different part of the world until I have been there for a few hours/days, when I finally take the time to stop and think about where I am. Sometimes it all just seems too surreal, like a dream. Something else that I have noticed: when I travel, no matter what my sleep schedule was like back home, it always resets once I am in a new location. We woke up around 6am on our first morning in Ubud to the sound of roosters crowing from the surrounding villas – a sound that I later grew to miss once our journey was over.

IMG_4151-Edit blogA self portrait taken in our first room’s beautiful little back yard.

IMG_4206 blogOne of the incredibly surreal aspects of the trip was getting to meet all of these new faces, beautiful creative people from all over the world. Some that I previously knew of, and others that I found out about for the first time. The great thing about being surrounded by fellow artists is the level of understanding that lives between all of us – we are all striving for the same goals, enjoy similar aspects of life, and just kind of ‘get’ each other without much hesitation.

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smoothie saturdays | immunity booster

welcome to the second installment of smoothie saturdays! for the past week or so I’ve been feeling pretty crappy due to this cold that I caught. it started with a scratchy throat, then moved to lots of coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and for a couple of days it was really uncomfortable to talk. it’s finally on its way out, but I still have this obnoxious dry cough that has been lingering for about 3-4 days now and it will not go away. I’m getting pretty tired of it, considering it keeps me from sleeping peacefully most nights. anyway, I’ve been trying to flush it out with lots of immune system boosting foods and resting as much as possible.
I haven’t been ‘sick’ for this many days in years, so all I have to say to whoever gave this to me is..


now on to the delicious smoothie!

{ingredients below}

IMG_8974-Edit blog

IMG_8977-Edit blog


- one navel orange

- a slice of grapefruit

- one banana

- a handful of pineapple pieces

- a handful of mango pieces

- water

this smoothie was sooo so tasty! I usually just toss random fruits/veggies in to each smoothie, but with this one I wanted to keep the color a yellow/orange so I stuck with the lighter colored fruits. I can’t believe I didn’t start making smoothies earlier in my life, because I am seriously addicted to them, plus they make me feel so amazing and keep me full for a long time.

if you have any favorite ‘at home’ remedies for colds/flus please feel free to share them with me in the comments! I’m always interested in learning new natural remedies to fight off illnesses.

see you next time!

- savannah


burrito night!

after spending the afternoon trekking through the snow and bird watching, david and I did some grocery shopping and bought supplies to make burritos for dinner. they were so so delicious and easy to make, so here is my quick little recipe!

2014-02-23 07.39.47 1

- multigrain flour tortilla
- sliced cherry tomatoes
- shredded cheddar cheese
- organic baby spinach leaves
- free range chicken marinated in balsamic vinaigrette and rosemary
- organic white rice

this turned out to be somewhat messy as I included way too many ingredients considering the size of the tortilla;
but I managed to make it work and it was so yummy.

let me know if you try it out – enjoy!

- savannah