regent’s park | london

On Friday Davina and I met up with Christine, a fellow artist and new friend, so that we could adventure around the city and take photos. We went to Regent’s Park, which Davina and I had gone by previously but didn’t really go in to explore. It was so magical; filled with flower gardens, archways, people scattered everywhere picnicking, sunbathing, and enjoying one another’s company. We all had such a lovely day filled with instant bonding, laughter, delicious food, and discussing our love for offensive humour. It’s such an amazing feeling discovering fellow creatives that you just immediately share a connection with.

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- Savannah

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  1. Wow, these images are stunning! Such lovely processing. That park looks amazing :). I hope you are enjoying your trip!

  2. HAHA! My favorite photo has got to be the one of me caressing your hair! fun hang and pls arrange another meetup soon

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