our christmas tree

this christmas will be the first time since 2008 that david and I won’t be together for the holidays. he’s going to spend christmas with his family in new mexico, and I am going to be at home with my family. so we decided that while we were together in new mexico for the past two weeks, that we’d get our own baby tree. considering that christmas is easily my favorite time of year, I was more than okay with the idea of having two christmas trees this year. we went to a cute local christmas tree vendor and picked out a small tree. there wasn’t much of a selection as far as little trees went, so we went with one that was a bit gimpy, but I think it’s perfect.

IMG_7158 blog

IMG_7162 blog

IMG_7164 blogbeing a creeper on david, as per usual ;).

IMG_7168 blog

IMG_7171 blog

IMG_7177 blogwith just the lights, before we put the decorations on =).

IMG_7178 blog

IMG_7179 blog

IMG_7183 bloghanging the ornaments!

IMG_7184 blog

IMG_7185 blog

IMG_7190 blog

IMG_7198 blogthe finished product =). christmas trees make me so happy, they just instantly put me in the holiday spirit. plus the smell of christmas trees is easily my most favorite scent in the world.

merry christmas and happy holidays everyone <3!

- savannah


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  1. Not only did you put up your trees early, but you have TWO of them! That’s awesome!!!! I wish I could convince my boyfriend to let me do that! (He’s German and until he met me, never put up the tree before December 23 at the earliest!) Last year I convinced him to put it up at the end of November, as per my family’s tradition. He ended up liking it anyway. Two Christmas trees – that’s fun! I think I may get a mini tree and do colorful ornaments, while our bigger tree will be more traditional. Merry early Christmas!

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