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A couple of weeks ago Mia and I had a wintry photoshoot, which I am super excited about because it was my first “real” shoot that I’ve had since working my way off of crutches. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be able to go adventuring again. (P.S. I’ve officially been off crutches for about 5 weeks now!).
I’ve also been really obsessed with making new custom Lightroom presets for my shop as of late, and the one that I made while editing this set is by far my most favorite one yet. I have been using it on *everything*. It is called “Ice Queen”, and you can find it here in my Etsy shop ♥. Below is a before and after; the before is SOOC (aside from skin retouching), the after has “Ice Queen” applied, and that is all!
The rest of the images in this post were all edited solely with “Ice Queen” as well :-)

Model/MUA: Mia DeGiovanni
Photography/Retouching: Savannah Daras

IMG_5049 blog before after

IMG_5039-Edit blogI love shooting with Mia because she is always so willing to put herself in uncomfortable circumstances for the sake of getting a great shot. Luckily on this day it wasn’t *too* cold outside, however standing in shin-deep snow wearing only a leotard isn’t exactly the warmest of situations. So, thank you Mia for being such a trooper all the time ;D.

IMG_5051-Edit blog

IMG_5063-Edit blog

IMG_5085-Edit blog

IMG_5098-Edit blog

IMG_5102-Edit blog

IMG_5134-Edit blog

IMG_5139 blogAnother before/after using “Ice Queen“.

IMG_5150-Edit blogAnd that’s all for now ♥.
Thank you so much for viewing; feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite image is!

- Savannah


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  1. These are all so gorgeous! Her eyes look so giant and doe-like. The preset you made is BEAUTIFUL! I love your winter shoots :).

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