frosty mornings

since david and I returned from bali, we’ve been spending our days in the beautiful state of new mexico. going from 90º F (32º C) every day to 20º F (-6º C) in the span of a couple of days has been pretty shocking. I adore winter, but my body was definitely used to the hot and sweaty temperatures of bali. however, I am especially excited that we got to come home to some snow. it hasn’t been snowing too much yet, but this morning I looked out the window to find the trees covered with a fresh blanket, so I couldn’t just stay inside.

IMG_7150-2 blog

IMG_7146 blog

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IMG_7123 blog

IMG_7119 blogone lone apple, refusing to let go of the remnants of fall.

there is something so magical about the colors that winter brings out; everything looks so fresh and vibrant. I also love how quiet everything is when it snows, it’s like mother nature’s way of calming the world down.

- savannah


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