ice queen | new lightroom preset

A couple of weeks ago Mia and I had a wintry photoshoot, which I am super excited about because it was my first “real” shoot that I’ve had since working my way off of crutches. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be able to go adventuring again. (P.S. I’ve officially been off crutches for about 5 weeks now!).
I’ve also been really obsessed with making new custom Lightroom presets for my shop as of late, and the one that I made while editing this set is by far my most favorite one yet. I have been using it on *everything*. It is called “Ice Queen”, and you can find it here in my Etsy shop โ™ฅ. Below is a before and after; the before is SOOC (aside from skin retouching), the after has “Ice Queen” applied, and that is all!
The rest of the images in this post were all edited solely with “Ice Queen” as well :-)

Model/MUA: Mia DeGiovanni
Photography/Retouching: Savannah Daras

IMG_5049 blog before after

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pennsylvania | road trip

During March of last year, Rachel and I took a mini road trip from Maine to Michigan and back. We were gone for 9 days and traveled through 8 different states. We had such an amazing time, as we always do together. Rachel and I always manage to turn any situation into an adventure filled with tons of laughs, creativity, and genuine connection.ย I can’t believe that this trip was already a year and a half ago. However, as I never got around to blogging about it, I figured now was as good a time as any ;).
For this trip we chose the states that we wanted to visit, but left everything else up to whatever we felt like doing in that moment. So for our first stop we found a beautiful field in Pennsylvania which had this awesome old-fashioned little building, wide open spaces, giant trees, and people riding by on their horses as I happened to be half-naked taking self portraits xD. But I figured I’d never see any of them again, so, who cares? Sadly none of those photos are going to be included in this post, you’ll have to head over to my Flickr to find those whenever I post them =).

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25 days ’til christmas | movie marathon

It’s officially December!! (well, in one hour, but whatever).
The way I feel about December is how most girls feel about Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I can’t stand coffee, but when it comes to Christmas time or winter in general, I am on board full force. Winter is by far my favorite season. Not to mention it’s where my favorite holiday of the year lives: CHRISTMAS =D!
I’m not even quite sure why I love Christmas so much. It’s certainly not for any religious reasons, I just always feel so festive and happy this time of year.
Perhaps I was a polar bear in a past life.. So with that, I decided to compile a list of the best 25 Christmas movies, so you can have a movie to watch each day until Christmas. Aren’t I amazing? Yeah, I know. I fully intend to watch every single one of these this month… I’m a very busy person.
- – - – -

1. Elf
Easily one of my all time favorite Christmas movies ever. Except, it’s difficult to choose just one favorite because the Christmas spirit lives so deep inside me (kek).

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