hampstead adventures | london

One of my favorite places that we’ve explored during our trip so far has to be Hampstead Heath. It is such a magical and enormous forest, it almost makes you forget that you’re actually in London. A couple of weeks ago Sarah, Twig, Christine, Davina, and I spent the afternoon roaming through the trees and taking tons of photos; later on we ended the evening over delicious falafels and chats about life.
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regent’s park | london

On Friday Davina and I met up with Christine, a fellow artist and new friend, so that we could adventure around the city and take photos. We went to Regent’s Park, which Davina and I had gone by previously but didn’t really go in to explore. It was so magical; filled with flower gardens, archways, people scattered everywhere picnicking, sunbathing, and enjoying one another’s company. We all had such a lovely day filled with instant bonding, laughter, delicious food, and discussing our love for offensive humour. It’s such an amazing feeling discovering fellow creatives that you just immediately share a connection with.

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what is it with nipples?

As a photographer/artist I see a lot of nudity, pretty much on a daily basis. I’ve photographed countless nude models, and posed nude myself. It doesn’t phase me. That coupled with the fact that I’ve been on the internet since I was about 11, so I’ve seen more than my fair share of weird shit. I have to say, nudity, or more specifically women’s nipples, are probably on the lowest end of that “weird shit” scale.

Since I was a child I always viewed nudity to be natural, I never once felt offended by it. It wasn’t until I became older that I realized there were actually people in this world that viewed nudity as being wrong, disrespectful; quite a lot of people in fact. This still perplexes me. Especially when it comes to nipples, specifically the female kind. I wouldn’t classify myself as a hardcore ‘feminist’, mostly because I’m not one for labels (I know, how pretentious of me). If anything I would consider myself an ‘equalist’, as I believe everyone deserves the same rights as the next person (or animal), not just women. But being a female myself, this topic does feel a bit personal to me.

I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve witnessed particularly “large” men walking down the street topless, sporting bigger breasts than I could ever dream to have. And somehow their nip exposure is considered to be socially acceptable, not the least bit offensive to anyone. Personally I’d rather not be forced to see a 400 pound man topless, but hey it’s a free country (for some). If I were to decide to take my top off on a hot summer day among a crowd of people, I would most certainly receive a lot of stares, judgement, and mothers covering their children’s eyes so as not to ‘poison’ their innocent little minds from the sight of a woman’s breasts. That being said, I don’t particularly have an interest in walking around topless in public, but it would be nice to have the option to do so without feeling demonized.

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