my first garden, my first post

welcome to my brand new blog! I am so excited to start this. I’ve had a desire to start blogging more, but haven’t really took the steps to see it through. I think I am finally ready, and I’m looking forward to it. this blog will just be a collection of everything in my life. so I hope you’ll stick around.
so this year I started my first “real” garden. my mom was a huge help in this process, as we both worked together for many hours in the hot sun getting everything ready. we don’t have a lot of gardening experience, and we really did not do *too* much research; we just kind of went with the trial and error method. I have already learned a lot of things along the way that I will carry with me for next year’s garden (like the fact that squirrels love to eat/steal the broccoli). so here’s a peek into our little garden.

IMG_2655 blog
there are a lot of wild plants surrounding the garden. I could weed them, but I am just sort of letting nature do its thang.
oh, and I absolutely adore my little watering pail. I found it at goodwill some time last year.

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