burrito night!

after spending the afternoon trekking through the snow and bird watching, david and I did some grocery shopping and bought supplies to make burritos for dinner. they were so so delicious and easy to make, so here is my quick little recipe!

2014-02-23 07.39.47 1

- multigrain flour tortilla
- sliced cherry tomatoes
- shredded cheddar cheese
- organic baby spinach leaves
- free range chicken marinated in balsamic vinaigrette and rosemary
- organic white rice

this turned out to be somewhat messy as I included way too many ingredients considering the size of the tortilla;
but I managed to make it work and it was so yummy.

let me know if you try it out – enjoy!

- savannah


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  1. this is so easy and delicious sounding! :) I love burritos! I never to think to add rice! I am definitely going to now though! also, we always buy this HUGE thing of organic spinach!! it’s massive! ps. this is edited so cutely, like a magazine cut out~

    • Hahaha I love how every sentence ended with a “!” ;). I love burritos too! Rice on them is just extra delicious. And thank you, I’m glad you like it =D!

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