bali adventures | part II

Whenever I travel to a new location it never really hits me that I am in an entirely different part of the world until I have been there for a few hours/days, when I finally take the time to stop and think about where I am. Sometimes it all just seems too surreal, like a dream. Something else that I have noticed: when I travel, no matter what my sleep schedule was like back home, it always resets once I am in a new location. We woke up around 6am on our first morning in Ubud to the sound of roosters crowing from the surrounding villas – a sound that I later grew to miss once our journey was over.

IMG_4151-Edit blogA self portrait taken in our first room’s beautiful little back yard.

IMG_4206 blogOne of the incredibly surreal aspects of the trip was getting to meet all of these new faces, beautiful creative people from all over the world. Some that I previously knew of, and others that I found out about for the first time. The great thing about being surrounded by fellow artists is the level of understanding that lives between all of us – we are all striving for the same goals, enjoy similar aspects of life, and just kind of ‘get’ each other without much hesitation.

IMG_4234 blogEasily the thing that I miss most about beautiful Ubud (aside from the landscapes and culture) is the food. Everywhere you turn there is cheap, healthy, delicious food. Something that I was completely spoiled by during our stay. This tasty salad was created at Alchemy, a vegan cafe and salad bar. They have tons of delicious raw desserts and incredible smoothies/juices as well.

IMG_4293 blogThere are so many hidden gems around Ubud. One of the most beautiful cafes that we went to was Sari Organik – it is located hidden deep within the rice paddies. You can either bike, scooter, or walk down the path to get there, but not by car. All of their food is grown locally, organic, and you can even pick your own salad straight from their gardens. On top of that it features an incredible view while you enjoy your delicious meal. This was taken on our walk down the path to get there.

IMG_4343 blogAnother thing that I loved about Bali (yet broke my heart at the same time) was that there were dogs everywhere. I am an incredibly passionate animal lover, so of course I have to stop and talk to every animal that I see. Most of them were friendly, I never encountered a vicious dog while there. However, a lot of them were malnourished due to not having homes, or their owners not having the funds or capacity to care for them properly, which made me incredibly sad to witness first hand. The dog in this photo is clearly someone’s pet, and very healthy/happy. But I did see a lot that were not so fortunate, and it absolutely pained me that there wasn’t more I could do at the time. Throughout my stay I learned a lot about Bali’s culture, their thoughts on dogs, and the organizations (such as BARC and BAWA) that are putting in great efforts to help the stray dog situation. It all made me realize even more just how much I love animals and how badly I want to help them. I know for certain the next time that I visit Bali, I will be dedicating a lot of my time to volunteering and helping in any way that I can.

IMG_4396 blogPrecious Alba and her papa, along the path to Sari.

IMG_4420 blog

IMG_4409 blog

IMG_4252-Edit blogThe streets of Ubud at night. Despite the fact that a big majority of the locals live in poverty, I have never felt more safe walking around at night in my entire life. Everywhere that I went everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I never once felt threatened or unsafe in my surroundings, which doesn’t even happen in my own home town.

IMG_4434 blog

IMG_4437 blog

Stay tuned for more Bali posts coming soon <3. I have plenty of photos from our month long stay, so many more posts will be made.
I also have our Ireland + England trip to blog as well!

- Savannah <3


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