bali adventures | part I

I am finally getting around to blogging about our trip to bali, indonesia! it was one of the most amazing experience that I’ve had thus far in my life, and I have so so many photos and adventures to share with you guys, so this is going to be made up of several parts.

my adventure began with leaving maine bright and early on the morning of october 30th, to head to LAX and meet up with david. he had already been in new mexico for a couple of weeks, so we met in california to embark on our month-long adventure overseas!20131030_104246 blogflying above the clouds has to be one of my favorite things in the world. I just love staring out the window as we speed along; the clouds remind me of miles and miles of pure, untouched snow, and it makes me so happy.

20131030_155537 blog
after a long flight, I was finally reunited with this cute boy. we were both running on very little sleep, but still so excited for what was ahead of us.

20131030_185657 blog
we finally boarded our first (15 hour) flight from los angeles to taipei! this was my first overseas experience, and david’s second. flying with eva air was really awesome, mostly because all of the flight attendants were adorable asian girls with the cutest outfits. seriously I wanted to take them home with me. also the food that we were served was surprisingly delicious. our dinner included chicken, rice, some veggies, fruit, a roll, a weird dessert thing that I didn’t eat, and some fish, which I also didn’t eat. but the portions that I did eat were super tasty. I’m guessing that the food tasted extra delicious due to the fact that we were so hungry. either way it was quite nice. not to mention the little bowls/cups that they gave us were so cute! you can’t see them too well in this photo, but everything was mint green and tiny, in typical adorable asian style.

20131101_052622 blog
we arrived at the¬†taiwan taoyuan international airport some time around 11:00pm, and our flight to bali didn’t leave until the next morning, so we decided to sleep/hang out at the airport (mostly due to lack of planning ahead or booking any hotels in advance). despite having to stay in the airport all night, it really wasn’t so bad, since we got to sleep for a while on the plane. also I think that traveling gives you that extra boost of adrenaline and sleep doesn’t seem quite as important (however we did try and nap for a little bit).

20131101_010450 blog
considering we were at the airport so late, everything was closed except for the 7-11 inside of the airport. surprisingly though, they had tons of awesome food and actually a lot of healthier options, unlike the typical american 7-11. they had so many foods with adorable asian packaging, I was freaking out a little bit (I’m easily impressed). we bought some dinner/late night snacks which consisted of salad, fruit, juice, and other various snacks.

20131101_005215 blog
seriously, how cute are these drink containers?! why can’t we have adorable packaging like this in america. the green one has a guy holding a cat. which is really all I need to be sold on any product.

20131101_005236 blog
of course, we have to have your standard american products as well. you can bet I got some genuine pocky, too.

20131101_005546 blog
and some hard boiled quail eggs… delish.

20131101_060513 blog
and then we found the most delicious ramen I have ever had. it probably was incredibly unhealthy, but it was SO good. we bought at least 4-5 cups of it. I guess their name “one more cup” is incredibly fitting. I am so sad that I didn’t buy a bunch of it to take home with me.

20131101_161227 blog
after our 10-ish hour layover in taipei and a 6 hour flight to denpasar, we finally arrived in bali! as soon as we stepped off the plane we were immediately hit with a wave of extremely hot, damp air. after going through customs (which was almost nonexistent) and getting our visas, we were greeted by locals who placed beautiful yellow flowers in our hair and welcomed us to bali. our driver greeted us with a sign that had our names on it and off we went to make the 30 minute drive to ubud.

20131101_163403 blog
our taxi driver, much like all of the locals in bali, was incredibly friendly and interested in hearing about where we were from, and telling us all about bali. driving around and seeing all of the different landscapes, architecture, and cultural differences was such a shock, but in the most amazing way.

20131101_210715 blogafter our drive from denpasar and up through the hills of ubud, we finally arrived at our beautiful new home for the next month. the entire villa was like a dream, including our bedroom (which we sadly only got to sleep in for a few days – but our second room was also lovely). our room was surrounded by tall glass windows, the bathroom enormous with an opening in to the back yard, as if you were showering outdoors, and a beautiful canopy (ie: mosquito netting) that encapsulated our super comfy bed. surprisingly enough, we rarely encountered any mosquitoes during our entire stay, anyway. falling asleep in this beautiful setting while listening to the frogs and insects chirping outside our windows was no problem at all after our 25+ hour journey. thus ending day #1 in bali.

part II to follow soon!

- savannah


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  1. AHHHHH man!!!! Beautiful! Where are the other parts! come on I’m dying to see!! I hardly took any photographs of everyday Bali life! Miss you

    • I’m working on the next part don’t you worry! =D
      I miss Bali life so much, David and I were just talking about it a few minutes ago. And I miss you too! We need to reunite soon <3.

  2. I wouldn’t have left Taiwan without trying some chili flavored hard boiled quail eggs, but I suppose the ramen looked good too. I can’t wait to see Bali for myself, but until that happens your blog is an excellent substitute.

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